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""We will fight your case all the way to the
U. S. Supreme Court !"
We stand up for your constitutional and civil rights by assisting you in civil and criminal matters.
California State License: PI-012828

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Our Fight to restore the justice system equally for everyone ...

C. J. Ford Jr. is the Owner and Qualified Manager of C. J. Ford Private Investigations. Mr. Ford has been licensed since April 15, 1988, in the State of California. Ford has provided complete investigative services now for 28 years. 
Ford has a particular passion for an individual’s constitutional and civil rights. Ford has provided services for the wrongfully accused and convicted of criminal crimes. Ford has fought and exposed some of the hypocritical people in the legal system. Ford has stood up against prosecution corruption and prosecutors and agents that intentionally withhold, conceal, and deny turning over discovery to the defense. 
Prosecution misconduct  was evident, in Ford's investigation of the case of Death Row Inmate Kenneth Clair. Ford's investigation was commended by the U. S. Supreme Court because of
Ford's persistence of getting to the truth despite the prosecution efforts to block his investigation, and the defense's intimidation to fight the prosecution on behalf of their own client.  

​​“When the prosecution forges a separate alliance within itself, not of the people, it no longer represents the people that it claims. It is a rogue entity and represents no one but itself.”
C. J. Ford Jr. 
O. C. Weekly People 2015
C. J. Ford Jr. was honored in O. C. People 2015 
Click on to the picture. C. J. Ford Jr. was honored in a special edition of O. C. People 2015 Magizine. The article was written by Scott Moxley.